Explore how Green Li-ion revolutionizes lithium-ion battery recycling by delivering high-purity recycled GREENpCAM. Our recycled GREENpCAM boast exceptional characteristics and proven capabilities to meet the evolving needs of batteries.

Battery Grade Materials

Recycled Industrial Grade Lithium Carbonate and Recycled Graphite

8 Series NMC
6 Series NMC
5 Series NMC
1 Series NMC
9 Series NMC
Coming Soon
Custom NMC
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About Green Li-ion

Green Li-ion is a lithium-ion battery recycling technology company producing modular hardware solutions that convert spent batteries into cathode and anode material that’s ready to drop into manufacturing processes for batteries of all types.
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How it works

Green Li-ion is revolutionising the energy storage industry with world first deep technology that fully remanufactures Lithium-Ion batteries.

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