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Green Li-ion is a lithium-ion battery recycling technology company producing modular hardware solutions that convert spent batteries into cathode and anode material that’s ready to drop into manufacturing processes for batteries of all types.
Our vision

Closing the loop for sustainable battery production

We aim for a future where electronic waste is no longer harmful, and battery materials are efficiently reclaimed. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology addresses environmental challenges from lithium-ion batteries and transforms electronic waste management.
Our Technology
More profitable.
Our GREEN HYDROREJUVENATIONTM technology accelerates the current recycling process, improving cost, and reducing energy needs.

Our technology takes crushed and shredded black mass and moves directly to produce GREENpCAM (precursor cathode active material), graphite, and technical-grade lithium carbonate (Li2CO3).

Investors & partners

We are thankful for the contributions of the investors and government supporters below.

Our founders

Leon Farrant - CEO

An accomplished CEO and co-founder with two decades of experience in the global energy industry. He has successfully led both large, established companies and start-ups across multiple continents and is known for his consensus-building ability and vision.

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Dr. Reza Katal - CTO

A passionate inventor with over 10 years industry exposure to the hydrometallurgical processing of lithium-ion batteries with a Ph.D from the National University of Singapore. He developed Green Li-ion's novel battery rejuvenation technology.

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We're expanding globally

With a growing team of 40+ professionals and 5 offices worldwide, we're committed to pioneering sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling technology globally, envisioning a greener future.
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