Green Li-ion battery recycling technology produces battery grade material



Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been the preferred portable energy source in recent decades. The exponential growth in the use of LIBs for EVs, as a choice in energy storage and consumer devices has resulted in a great number of spent LIBs. Disposal of these spent LIBs will cause serious environmental problems due to hazardous components such as heavy metals and electrolytes.The current battery recycling methods are not suitable for LIB recycling due to its slow process, low purity of the products (low profits) and the use of non-environmentally friendly leaching reagents.Materials contained in the spent LIBs are valuable resources and can be recycled by using our specific technology.

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Green Li-ion is revolutionising the energy storage industry with world first deep clean technology that fully rejuvenates Lithium-Ion batteries.

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We are also able to deliver commodity materials as intermediate commodity metals for producing battery materials or for use in other applications. Improve your application’s overall sustainability by using materials 100% sourced from recycled lithium-ion batteries.