Who We Are
Green Li-ion is a global lithium-ion battery recycling technology provider producing modular hardware solutions that convert battery waste / spent batteries into cathode & anode material that’s ready to drop into new battery manufacturing.
Our Focus
Green Li-ion focuses on closing the loop by providing green and profitable modular on-site solutions to battery waste producers to re-manufacture, creating a circular solution for batteries.
What We Do
Our technology adds to current recycling processes to improve & enhance efficiency and profits of traditional recycling processes. Green Li-ion is deploying its technology through industrial units designed to scale commercially with your business, which can seamlessly integrate into Existing Industrial Technology.
Our vision

Closing the loop for sustainable battery production

We envision a future where electronic waste is no longer a burden on the environment, and the valuable materials within batteries are reclaimed and reused efficiently.
Our commitment lies in pioneering cutting-edge technologies that not only address the environmental challenges posed by the growing use of lithium-ion batteries but also redefine the way society approaches electronic waste management.
We strive to set a new standard for responsible resource management, fostering a circular economy where the full potential of lithium-ion batteries is realized without compromising the well-being of our planet.

Our founders

Leon Farrant - CEO

An accomplished CEO and co-founder with two decades of experience in the global energy industry. He has successfully led both large, established companies and start-ups across multiple continents and is known for his consensus-building ability and vision.

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Dr. Reza Katal - CTO

A passionate inventor with over 10 years industry exposure to the hydrometallurgical processing of lithium-ion batteries with a Ph.D from the National University of Singapore. He developed Green Li-ion's novel battery rejuvenation technology.

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Investors & partners
We are thankful for the contributions of the investors and government supporters below.
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Upcoming projects
Our First Industrial-Sized Commercial Plant Installed in North America
The GLMC 1 is installed in Atoka, Oklahoma and will produce GREENpCAM and Green Materials ready to use for battery recyclers and manufacturers.
Rather than sending black mass overseas, American battery makers will be able to remanufacture batteries at home, kickstarting the domestic supply chain.

We're expanding globally

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